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U kunt Millibeter ook bereiken via eb.re1506190401tebil1506190401lim@o1506190401fni1506190401 of via onze Facebook-pagina.

Millibeter opereert vanuit haar R&D-faciliteit in Aartselaar, aan de Langlaarsteenweg 166A.

Ons correspondentie- en facturatie-adres blijft: Dambruggestraat 200, 2060 Antwerpen.

Het BTW-nummer van Millibeter is BE0500680346.

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  1. hello. we are an organic conversion org in Princeton, USA. we have a Russel Finnex centrifuge for our manufacturing process and they mentioned your company to us because of the sifter they have which you utilize. we have pursued BSF in the past and see real potential feeding our livestock. It appears that your research and efforts are much further along then ours in this particular field. Considering the timing and effort it may take to get us up and running with BSF we are interested in discussing what a license from millibeter may look like. Is this something you are willing to discuss? thank you.

  2. Thanks for reaching out! I’ve sent you my coordinates through Linkedin, so we can discuss a cooperation. Let’s make the future fly!

  3. Dear Ms. / Mr.

    The European Forest Institute is conducting a mapping exercise on forest bioeconomy related innovations. The aim of this mapping exercise is to get a better understanding of factors that contribute to development of innovations. This can potentially lead to best practice guidelines on how the research and policy sphere can foster innovations, and may impact EU planning on research and innovation in the field of forest-related bioeconomy.
    In this survey we specifically target innovations developed within the EU research project specified below. Please answer the questions with regard to the innovation(s) developed in this specific context, and not on the overall innovations in your organization. I kindly ask you to forward this message to an expert who has worked on the specified project.
    It takes about 15 minutes to complete the questionnaire. Your responses will be treated confidentially and will be exclusively used for the purpose of this study.
    If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Marko Lovrić (*protected email*).
    The questionnaire can be accessed by the link below
    Many thanks!

    Project name: InDIRECT Direct and indirect biorefinery technologies for conversion of organic side-streams into multiple marketable products
    User code 1064

    Study titled ‘Synthesis on forest bio-economy research and innovation in Europe’ is carried out by the European Forest Institute on the behest of SCAR (Standing Committee on Agricultural Research) SWG FOREST (Strategic Working Group on forests and forestry research and innovation)

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